Rose Cupcake Bath Bomb
Rose Cupcake Bath Bomb

Rose Cupcake Bath Bomb

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It looks good enough to eat! But this is unlike any cupcake you've ever seen! This bath bomb has a refreshing rose scent combined with the soothing qualities of essential oils. The frosting top can also be used as soap or a shave bar. This is the ultimate treat for your bath tub!

Please specify in the notes if you’re looking for a vegan version :) 

Size: 5 Ounces

Ingredients: citric acid, baking soda, slsa, meringue powder substitute, rosemary extract, hemp extract (60mg), rose essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, frangipani essential oil,  pink mica, red mica, purple mica, dried rosebud, eco-friendly glitter

**All products are hand made: Color and glitter may vary**