Our Story

CC’s Essentials was founded in August of 2018 by then aromatherapy student, Christina Costello with the help of her boyfriend, Brian, and mother, Cheryl. Together they wanted to make a body care company that stood for helping others through promoting self-care and self-love.
Christina has spent her entire life fighting her various chronic conditions and the pain from it. Inspired by this fight, Christina chose to continue her education in holistic health and create CC’s Essentials.
Since starting CC’s, Christina has continued her education after graduating for aromatherapy, by adding herbal medicine to her degree she is currently working towards, in order to continue to make new formulations with the most knowledge possible.
Our goal at CC’s is to make the best self-care products that we can offer to help others feel better. We are constantly reformulating and bettering our products, and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that we can bring joy to each and every customer’s life with these products.

Photography by K. Elizabeth Photography